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I have found in the Cemetery Records for the Jewish Cemetery in Iasi, the
grave of Eliayhu TEOMIM, died August 13, 1907. A note says that he was >from
Podul Iloaiei and died in Spiridon Hospital in Iasi. His wife Rachel is
buried in the cemetery in Harlau. His unmarried daughter is also buried in
Harlau. Rachel seem to have moved there to be near her family after he died.
How common was it for Jews to be taken to a hospital in 1907? Rachel's
maiden name was BARID. Does anyone know anything about these families?

His daughter, Malkah, had gone with her husband, Samuel DREYLINGER, to New
York in 1900. His son, Paul, had gone at about the same time and lived in

Sue Neuman

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