Faded grave inscription translation: Hebrew/Yiddish #galicia

Matthew Merrill <mattdmerrill@...>

Hi folks,

Thanks to the help of many members of the Galicia and Austria-Czech
SIGs I have located the grave of my great uncle who died as a child
in Vienna in 1935. Other members have taken photos for me, which
again I am greatly thankful for. Of course, I come back asking for
more. The inscription on the stone is quite faded and I am not even
sure if it is Hebrew or Yiddish. I have attached a link with 5
versions of a photo of the grave. If you have time, please take a
quick look. Below is some background information that I am sure
would be on the stone.

Some background: Max or Moses TRATTNER b. 12/15/1923 in Przemysl,
Poland and d. April 9th 1935 in Vienna. He died of a cerebral
hemorrhage at the children's hospital. His parents were Hersch and
Gittle Trattner.


Thank you,

Matt Merrill
Arlington Va, USA

TRATTNER, RATZ in Przemysl, Poland area.

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