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Carol Cohen

Dear Genners:

After almost 30 years of geneological research, and only a little over
20 years on the Internet, I have just discovered that my Grandfather,
who grew up in Wolica a shtetl suburb of Podjace, was actually born in
Rumania. I have no clue as to where.
I was checking all of the US censuses >from 1910 on, and most said
Austria Hungary.
Only one said Rumania. My grandmother called him her Rumanische. So
now I know why. I know he was of Rabbinical descent, but even though
I have the names for 5 generations back, I cannot find a match, and
while his mother's maiden name was Konrad, I do not know his any of
his grandmothers' maiden names.

His name was Avram Abba Waldmann. He dropped the second "n" in the US
and many called him Abe. I have searched all the data bases I can
think of. I know he was born in the 1870's. He died in Dallas, TX
in 1948. His father was Shmuel Waldman and I think he died in
Wolica, however I cannot find a death or birth record either there or
in Podjace. His mother was Nanette (?) Konrad Waldman, nor can I find
her either. Her brother was Hersh Konrad and his descendents live in
Israel. They do not know any thing about the Waldman family.
Shmuel's parents were Rachel and Zelig Waldman. I do not find them in

Any ideas.

I would be very grateful for your help.
Thank you,

Carol Waldman Cohen

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