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Hi all,

I am another newbie in the field of Eastern European/Romanian research. I
have developed a bit of an expertise on the UK/Dutch/Italian/Spanish
maternal side of the family and am just beginning to work on the
Romanian/Polish/Russian side. My Great Grandfather Louis Lazarowitz
emigrated >from Focschon to NYC then to Saskatchewan around 1907-1910.
Having spoken to my great uncles (his children) they know virtually nothing
of his time in Romania. The same can be said of their mother Jeanette (nee
Gruber) >from Vaslui. I am more sure of her roots than his as I have one
record showing her coming to NYC in 1907 and it lists her home town. They
apparently met and married in NYC and I have ordered a search for that
record hoping it tells me more. Jeanette was apparently enroute to Rhodesia
with an aunt, but met Louis and opted out of the rest of the trip. The aunt
went on to Salisbury and had a couple of kids there.

Once I get that I am really unsure of where to go >from there. Any tips or
hints would help. I am happy to pay for some research once I know it has a
decent chance of revealing some history. What lists, links or other
resources are available >from afar.

My great grandfather Louis had a sister Laura. I also know each had a
brother Joseph and all came to reside in Canada.

Thank you.

Steve Cooper
Alberta, Canada

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