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Bruce Reisch

Dear Friends,

During the past decade, the Radautz Jewish Heritage website
<> was created as a gathering point
for material of interest to the study of the once prominent Jewish
population of Radautz, Bukovina, presently known as Radauti, Romania. Its
centerpiece was the restoration and documentation of the Radautz Jewish
Cemetery, on the outskirts of town. A very complete register of burials
is available on the Jewish Heritage website, with additional details not
found on the JewishGen Online Worldwide Burial Registry.

The time has come to merge the overlapping and complementary resources of
the Radauti ShtetLinks website, online since 1998, with the tremendous
resources of the Jewish Heritage site. So I'm pleased to announce the
merger of the Radautz Jewish Heritage site into the Radauti ShtetLinks
site, strengthening the impact of both. I thank Bondy Stenzler and Yossi
Yagur for having the motivation and skills to create the Radautz Jewish
Heritage site, and the willingness to move their site to the JewishGen
ShtetLinks page.

The Radauti ShtetLinks site can be found at:

The home page has a direct link to content >from the Radautz Jewish
Heritage site.

You can also go directly to the newly added content >from the Jewish
Heritage site at this address:

Bruce Reisch
Geneva, New York, USA

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