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Rosanne Leeson

Unfortunately, this still seems to be the usual occurrence in Romania.
Some archivists are more cooperative, others are not at all. It is
the situation in individual Archives, where some may have enough staff,
or an individual who is really understanding or interested in family
history. In others the archivist seems to feel that their job is only
to guard the information with their lives, and is not willing to give
staff any time (money!) to do this kind of thing.

It is the hope of the Romania-Moldova SIG to slowly begin projects to
acquire photo copies of the various registers in Romania so that we can
provide the information our members are hoping to find. Earlier this
month we asked you to fill out a survey to assist us in revitalizing our
SIG. While we have had about a 10% response >from our members we would
really like a greater percentage of you to complete the survey. Your
thought are important to us! Please take a few minutes today to fill
out the Romania-Moldova SIG survey form., which can be found at:

<> If you are unable to click on the link please copy it into your browser.

In addition, If you are planning a future trip to your ancestral town, Please do contact us, and discuss the possibility of your copying repords >from the archival registers while there, to share with our fellow SIG members, and add to our available data!!

Rosanne Leeson
Stephanie Weiner
Bob Wascou
Rsearch Coordinator
Romania_Moldova SIG


On 11/20/2011 8:55 AM, Luc Radu wrote:
Hi Susanna,

Please clarify: did you provide them exact dates or did they actually do the
research? Actually a relative of mine had same good experience asking Bacau
about Moinesti certificates. I had recently a very different experience with
Piatra Neamt Archives. Sent them an e-mail providing a range of years
around 1890 and the surname of my 2nd great uncle (Verner) asking for a
marriage certificate in Roman. They answered after about 2 months via a
snail mail that in order to do it I should come to the Study Room opened 3
days a week or delegate someone to do it...

Luc Radu
Great Neck, NY

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Just wanted to tell you about my positive experience with the archives
in Bacau.
I have sent them a letter asking for copies of birth records for 5
persons for the
years before 1900, born in a little village located in the area
belonging now to Bacau.
I gave them my postal address and my e-mail address.

After one month I received an e-mail reply with the transcription of the
records and the
original documents as attachments. Congratulations for the archives in

Susanna Vendel, Stockholm

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