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Dear Hannelore,

I reviewed Botosani BMD indexes (1865-1905) and found:

Nov 26, 1891 birth of Estera and the mother's is Ita Merdler. The
father is not listed but may be Sloim Faclieriu/Solomon Ficler who is
listed as the declarant. This birth was registered as illegitimate
which was common for Jewish birth registrations in the late
1880s/1890s (long story).

I dont see Merdler in any other Botosani BMD record but surnames were
used by less than half of the Botosani Jewish population in the 19th
century. They frequently used the patronymic. Slight spelling
differences of surnames and given names were also common when they
moved to other countries.

I suggest you list the given names and the approximate dates when you
research Romanian Jewish families through perhaps 1920. For more
information on Botosani and area towns see

Robert Zavos
Pittsburgh PA, USA
researching Minter/Poyaner/Terner >from Botosani/Bucecea


Subject: Merdler in Botosani?
Date: Thu, 5 Jan 2012 11:15:04 +0100

Is there someone related to or knows about a Merdler family in
Botosani? I am looking for this family as part of my research on the
Merdler family history.

Thank you.

Hannelore Condiescu

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