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I recently discovered a quirk in the JewishGen Hungary database that
prevents some searches >from identifying records containing a
hyphenated town name, like Er-mihalyfalva.

The JewishGen search engine does not recognize such records when the
Town parameter is set to "sounds like" or "is exactly" and the full
town name is entered (either with or without the hyphen).

To find these records, one approach is to search with the option=20
"phonetically like," using the non-hyphenated spelling of the town
name. Searching "phonetically like" using the hyphenated form creates
numerous false positives (in this example, records >from other towns
beginning with "Er-").

Other approaches are to use a truncated version of the town name,
e.g., "sounds like Mihalyfalva" or "phonetically like Mihalyfalva."

Each of these three methods produces a slightly different number of
vital records.

Also, please note that you should use the Hungarian form of the town
name. For example, depending on which option you choose, searching on
Ermihalyfalva's current Romanian name, Valea lui Mihai, produces
either hits >from the SIG List Archives only ("sounds like" or "is
exactly") or many false positives ("phonetically like").

Bob Friedman
Brooklyn, NY

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