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I found a military book >from my great grandfather Joseph Ostand when he
was in Romania. It says on the first page that his name is Iosub Ostand
and is dated 1883. He was born in Bucuresti, Romania in 1861. His
father's name is David and mother's name is Sara/Sura living in the
Iflov district. I've found all the documents/information for when he
was in the U.S. (even though the name was misspelled on many census
records) but I can't seem to find anything else on his life in Romania
(birth records, marriage records, sibling's names.) If anyone has
access to these records I would greatly appreciate it. I've checked,, and but can't seem to
find anything there. On a border crossing record >from Canada to U.S. in
1903 it says that he was going to meet up with his brother in law Isaac
Goldstein. I'm not sure if this is his sister's husband or his wife's
sister's husband. Also any information on his wife, my great
grandmother, Pearl Schwartz pertaining to her life in Romania (born in
Bodeschon around 1865-1869) would be greatly appreciated. Her parents
names were Samuel and Sara. Together, Joseph (Josef) and Pearl (Peppy)
(married approx 1888) had six children, David (1890 Bucharest), Anna
(1894 Bucharest), Esther (1899 Bucharest) , Sarah (1902 Bucharest),
Philip (1906 U.S), and Samuel (Saul - 1912 U.S. - my grandfather).
Thanks for any help provided!

Sonia Anderson
Arlington, Texas

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