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I recently joined this list, so I thought I would put out some family
information and hope to find some more.

I am working >from my grandparents' naturalization dossiers >from France,
dated Feb 1928. They were named Fisel FISEL and Ernestina ROCHMAN. They
show my grandfather's parents as David FISEL (born about 1868), and
Rachel KAHN (deceased), of Iasi. Also mentioned in the dossier are a
FISEL daughter in Paris, Anna, born about 1886, who took the married
name EPSTEIN, two other unnamed FISEL daughters still alive in Romania,
and one unnamed FISEL son who died in World War I in Romania. Since the
French appeared to be interested in potential soldiers, my grandfather
may have left the impression that his brother was in the Romanian
military when he may have been a civilian casualty. My grandmother's
parents were Froim ROCHMAN (deceased) and Fanie ROCHMAN (born about
1858) of Bucuresti. No information about any siblings in my
grandmother's case, nor her mother's maiden name, but this may reflect a
neglect of women's data in France at that time.

My grandfather was deported to Auschwitz, but the rest of the family in
France survived. This dossier opens up the possibility of a significant
number of relatives in Romania, and I'm very interested in whether any
survived the Holocaust and where they ended up. I'm also interested, of
course, in generations further back.

I have already consulted the JewishGen Romania collection and found no
clearly relevant info. I've also checked and with similar results. Other than waiting for and donating
to the Iasi transcription project (which I've done), is anyone aware of
other potential sources?


Rick Fisel
San Jose, Costa Rica

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