Romania SIG #Romania Re: Volunteers desperately needed! #romania

Rosanne Leeson

Dear fellow Rom-SIGgers,

As you have probably noticed the Rom-SIG is on a roll, busily
acquiring research helpers in Romania to acquire as many Romanian
vital records as possible. This means translators, data entry,
validators, donors to fund the purchases, and prepare them for
the JG Romania Database.

However, we have a project that is equally important, and has been
sitting idle in the wings, so to speak, since the sad death of our
late Coordinator, Stephanie Wiener. I am referring to the project
to bring our Home Page up-to-date, with a more effective, modern and
inviting Home Page. Jeni is willing to coordinate this effort, but
what we desperately need are people with good web design skills to
bring us up to the 21st century! If you have such abilities and
are willing to work with us to show off who we are and what we can
do, please contact any of us:

Rosanne Leeson <
Jeni Armandez <
Co-Coordinators Rom-SIG
Bob Wascou <
Research Coordinator Rom-SIG

We are looking forward to hearing >from some of you! Rom-SIG is on a
roll! Help us on our way to help you!

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