Romania SIG #Romania Seeking 1950s Romanian Caracas family who later moved to Israel #romania

G Sles

Greetings Genners,

My newly-found US cousins (!) and I hope you can help us
in this quest or know someone who can. We welcome any
connections you can make for us.

We're looking for our family who owned the Shalom restaurant
in Caracas, Venezuela in the 1950s--or anyone who remembers
them or can help find out about them.

We're related to the wife, but her MARRIED SURNAME is UNKNOWN.

We've consolidated our family stories into this profile:
- The family arrived in Caracas sometime after 1935, shortly
before, during or soon after World War II.
- They were >from Romania, where they operated a restaurant.
- The wife was born a GARTENLAUB in Romania, but we don't know
her husband's family name.
- The wife's name may have been Fanny; if not, then Fanny was
her sister's name.
- The husband's name may have been Josef David; if not, that
was their brother-in-law's name.
- In the late 1950s, a son was, we think, about 25-30 years old
when he flew >from Caracas, changing airplanes in New York City
on his way to or >from Israel. He called his mother's New York
relatives, who met him at Idlewild airport. He would probably
be in his 80s now.
- The Caracas family later emigrated to Israel, where they planned
to open a restaurant.

Hopefully, someone who lived in Caracas in the 1950s will remember
them or someone in Israel will recognize their story. We'd also
appreciate any contacts in Caracas who can help reach out to
older residents or look up Jewish records and business registrations.

Our goal is to find the family's children and descendants.

Thank you for any help you can provide.

Gay Slesinger

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