Romania SIG #Romania Getting records from Romanian towns #romania

Bob Wascou

Recently we have been getting inquiries to find out if ROM-SIG will be
getting records >from specific towns of interest. We would like nothing
more that to get records >from additional towns to post on the
JewishGen Romania database but, we need your help.

We need reliable people who live in the towns where the archives are
located to photograph the records. There are archives located in each

We need people to translate the records that we get into English.
Records are mainly in Cyrillic Romanian, Romanian and Old German.
Please volunteer at

We need donations to pay for the records that we >from the archives.
Please donate at

If you know of anyone who might be able to to photograph the records
please contact me at bobwascou@... . Currently we have people
who are photographing records for us in Iasi and in Bucharest.

ROM-SIG is on a roll. Please help us go!

Bob Wascou
ROM-SIG Research Coordinator

Rosanne Leeson & Jeni Armandez
ROM-SIG Coordinators

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