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My maternal grandfather, Abram GABER was born on May 7, 1883 in
Suceava. My great-grandparents, Philip GABER and Rose BRECKER GABER
immigrated to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1886. I think they sailed
from Hamburg to Liverpool, and then to Philadelphia. Although Philip
GABER and Rose BRECKER GABER are buried in a Jewish cemetery, the
writing on their gravestone is entirely in English. I would assume
their Yiddish names are Feivel and Raizel. How can I continue to
research the GABER and BRECKER families?

I have the following documents: 1900 and 1910 census for Philip
and Rose GABER and 1930 census for their eldest son, David GABER.
I also have WW1 Draft Registration for Abram and David GABER. I
have a passenger list >from Hamburg to Liverpool for a Abraham Gaber...
but I'm not 100% sure if this is the document I'm looking for.

Marlene Rosen Belkin

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