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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Herschl Nephtali LEVI/WOT{T}ITZ [probably no relative
of mine] was a Fleischhauer in Strakonice, in the
Berauner Kreis, Bohemia in 1793. It is very likely
that he and his descendants provided the meat for
Sigger Jane Reber's family. Herschl was one of six
children of Salamon Levi WOT{T}ITZ and Salomena/
Rosalia. Herschl was married to Eva RUDOLF. They, in
turn, had six children.

Yesterday I had lunch with Nephtali's gtgtgt
granddaughter. I "found" her when I was rounding up
all the known/findable WOTTITZ in the world.

One of my two maternal gt-grandfathers was Gustav
WOTTITZ of Pressburg and Vienna [buried in Doblinger
Friedhof, Vienna]. I have no known link to Strakonice
and the Strakonice WOTTITZ family likewise have no
known link to Pressburg or Vienna. Many of Nephtali's
descendants ended up in the USA and Canada.

There are a number of interesting references to
Strakonice in our message archives including my
posting of 9 June 2002 "In memory of John Wotiz - he
was a Strakonice WOTTITZ".

re Nephtali's profession: Fleischhauer. In the
discussion yesterday, the emphasis has been on meat
and beating it flat to make schnitzel. One or two, did
mention *Hacker* which is closer to the mark.

I am afraid you barking up the wrong tree with your
flat schnitzel. Fleisch is indeed meat, but the word
*Hauer* has the same root as the English word *Hewer*,
namely a man who hews with a cleaver, be it a coal or
a meat cleaver.

Hewer comes >from the Anglo-Saxon word *heawan* - to
hew with a chopper or cleaver. A Hauer [noun] is
indeed - a cleaver.

In our Viennese household, we flattened our own
schnitzel at home with a wooden mallet, with a raised,
patterned head for macerating, which I still have.

Celia Male [U.K.]

Footnote: For history {perhaps apocryphal] of the
Schnitzel read:

Wiener Schnitzel and its Italian counterpart,
Cotoletta Milanese, involved two Hapsburg domains in a
culinary quarrel. Both branches ..... Austrian and
Italian, claimed credit for the invention... the
latter .... all the way back to a banquet given in
1134 for the canon of Milan's St. Ambrogio Cathedral."

It is most likely that the word *Fleischhauer*
predates this momentous event!

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