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Logan J. Kleinwaks

Bucharest business directories (Anuarul Bucurescilor) for 1883, all
years 1885-1895, 1904, and 1906 are now searchable at Searches with default options will
include these together with all 1200+ other sources. You can restrict
a search to just Bucharest, or just Romania, by changing the "Any
Place" option below the search box.

These directories were digitized by the Digital Library of
Bucharest/Bucharest Metropolitan Library, and search results link to
the scans on their website ( Unlike nearly all
other sources, where search results link to the matching page's scan,
for these directories, when you click on a search result, you will see
a .PDF of the entire directory begin to download in your browser.
Once it has downloaded, the image you see in your browser should
automatically change >from the cover to the specific page on which your
match appears. This can take a minute. Unfortunately, this
less-than-ideal functionality is necessitated by the way the Digital
Library hosts its files.

Also, please note that parts of the Digital Library of Bucharest's
website have intermittently been down during the last week
(especially, outside of work hours in Bucharest, it seems). If you
click on a search result and do not see any image in your browser,
that is probably why, and you should try again later. I do not know
how long this situation will persist, but have made an inquiry. If
you have a special contact at the Digital Library of Bucharest or the
Metropolitan Library who might know what is going on, please contact
me privately.

I will be adding more sources >from the Digital Library to in the near future. If you find anything at that you think would benefit >from being made
full-text searchable, please let me know.

Logan Kleinwaks
near Washington, D.C.

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