Romania SIG #Romania Re: Thanks to Lance! #romania

Marilyn Newman

Heartfelt thanks for your many years serving as Yizkor Book Manager.

Marilyn Newman
Florida, USA
Subject: Yizkor Book Project, June 2014
From: "Lance Ackerfeld" <>
Date: Fri, 4 Jul 2014 17:00:45 +0300


from time to time, I ponder the enormity of the project we are involved
in - the Yizkor Book Project, which involves the translation of hundreds
of Yizkor books with their scores of pages, >from their original languages
(usually Hebrew and Yiddish) into English and other languages. It is a
huge undertaking but I am encouraged to see that month by month, section
by section, paragraph by paragraph, more and more of the secrets hidden
in these books are revealed.....

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