Regarding Hebrew Names #galicia

Milton Goldsamt

The JewishGen website has a number of info files dealing with Hebrew
Names. The first, a 1998 presentation by Warren Blatt, may be the
most useful to Susan Berkson's recent question. However, more
recently, he gave a very comprehensive talk, perhaps an update of
his 1998 presentation, at the JGS of Greater Washington. He
mentioned that it would be also posted on the JewishGen website.

Those links are the following, particularly the first listed, that
seem useful:

Jewish Given Names - Slide Presentation

Names of the Jews (Preliminary FAQ)

Bibliography on Jewish Given Names

Jewish Given Names Databases

Alternate Surnames in Russian Poland

Soundex coding - National Archives and Daitch-Mokotoff

Hope these leads are helpful,

Milt Goldsamt
Silver Spring, MD

MODERATOR'S NOTE: See also the the JewishGen FAQ, under Names, at

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