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sharon yampell

I am looking for anyone who may have known Maksimillian KLEINBERGER or his
descendants. He submitted Pages of Testimony for some of my KLEINBERGER family
in the early 1950's while living in Haifa! In some of the POT's he submitted,
he listed himself as an acquaintance and on others, he listed himself as a

He submitted for my half first cousins thiree times removed, Cypora KLEINBERGER
and Gusta KLEINBERGER. as well as my half 3x great aunt, Dvorah KLEINBERGER.
All three were >from Gura Humorului.

I am very curious about him because the aforementioned people are related to me
through Mayer Leib KLEINBERGER, my 3x great grandfather and his marriage to
Bessie HELLER, my great great grandmother's (Brane KLEINBERGER DISTELFELD) step
mother. Meyer Leib was previously married to Fradel may've been the mother to a
Josefine KLEINBERGER who married a ZENTNER if anyone knows anything about
Josefine, that would be nice.

Gusta and Cypora were the daughters of Jechiel Beer KLEINBERGER ( born in
Campulung) and Perel (lnu) and I would like to know what happened with the two
of them, as well as Abraham KLEINBERG (born in Jacobeni )

Thanks to the birth records for Romania and Moldava, I was able to find out who
Brane's parents were as well as her step-brothers and sister.

Thanking all of you in advanced.

Sharon F. Yampell
Voorhees, NJ USA
128890 (Jewish gen ID number)

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