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R. David Zvi Wieder <dzwieder@...>


Does anybody know how to get Death records >from Giulesti >from 1905?

In pictures >from Giulesti I found a grave stone that's seems to be
from my great-grand-father.
His Name was Berl(Dov)ben Izchak HUBER passed away December 1905 or
June 1906.

I requested to check on the cemeteries in Mara (Alternate names:
Kravcsfalva, Krachesht, Cracesti, Kracsfalu.

And in Giulesti:
Gyulafalu, Zhulesht, Ludwigsdorf, Maragyulafalva,
Giulesci. 4749/2356
8 miles SSE of Sighetul Marmatiei

Both are villages close to Sighetul Marmetiei- Maramures, Romania and my
grand parents lived there for generations.
I would be very thankful for any other info about these two villages.

All the best
David Zvi Wieder

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