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My wife and I are planning to visit Romania this Summer. We plan to spend 10-12
days in Romania.

The trip is three-fold:
1) visit the Romanian tourist sites;
2) do some moderate walking in the rural areas, and
3) visit the towns/cities of my ancestors .

My ancestors were all Romanian. All grandparents came to America around the
turn of the 19/20th century.
They came >from Isai, Bacao, Buhusi and Galati.

I would like some assistance in planning my trip: for example: the name of a
tour company and/or guide that is experienced with Romanian sites AND Jewish
sites; a suggested itinerary, opinions regarding a private tour guide v. a tour
van/bus, B/B, boutique hotels, rural accommodations; special towns to see,
separate guides for different regions of the Country or one guide for the entire
trip, etc.

Please contact me by e-mail.
Thanks for the help.

I.Michael Goodman

Jew Gen member

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