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Orit Lavi

Earlier today I have posted a question regarding a place identification.
I would like to clarify that I am trying to find a place named K-L-D-Z-R
(Kledzer / Caldavar or similar),
located somewhere in the area of Cahul (Kagul, Moldova) - Galati (Romania).

I am well aware of both Cahul and Galati.

Thanks again


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Subject: Kledzer / Caldavar near Cahul ( Kagul) - Galatii

Dear friends

An Israeli woman was known to be born in Kagul, "Russia".
However, according to several of her Israeli documents, she was born in a
place called "Kledzer", or "Caldavar".
The sources are in Hebrew, and look like K-L-D-Z-R (Z looks also like B/V).

In one of the formal documents, it was first written "Galaz, Romania". Then
it was erased, and changed "Russia".
Another document says that the place of birth was changed >from the above
KLDZR to Galaz.

Any idea which place it was?

Thanks a lot, and see you soon in Israel

Orit Lavi
Tsukey Yam, Israel

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