Romania SIG #Romania Help with Details of an 1882 Romanian Marriage Certificate from Suceava #romania

Graeme Boocock

Hello. I would like to ask if someone can help me in understanding the
fine details of the Romanian marriage record linked below:

The marriage certificate is for Markus ABRAMOWITZ (here rendered
Marcus AVRAMOVICI), 1858-1930; and Fanny SONNENFELD (here rendered
Fani), 1859-1938. The precise words used to describe the two families
are different, which leads me to believe that different information is
provided. Based on my limited understanding, I think it says the

Marcus Abvramovici
born in Botosani (Romania)
living in Iasi, son of
(?) Avram Avramovici
and Sure born Falicenier
27 years [of age]

Fani (?) Feige Sonnenfeld
born in Suceava, daughter of
(?) Uscher and
Sima Sonnenfeld
of Suceava
26 [years of age]

My main question is about the Avramovici family. Where it reads "Sure
nasc. Falicenier", is that an indication that the mother, Sure, was
*born* in Falticeni the town, or rather that her *maiden name* was
Falicenier? If the latter, is that the correct spelling? It does not
appear that the written name contains a "T" as in the town of

Whatever it says, I find it interesting that this information is
provided only for the Avramovici family, whereas for the Sonnenfleds
we are only told that they are "of Suceava". No additional details
for the mother, Sima, are provided.

Also, where "Fani" is written, is the next word telling us that she is
"also known as" "Feige, or is this an indication that her
original/birth name was Feige?

Thank you very much in advance,

Graeme Boocock
Ottawa, Canada

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