Romania SIG #Romania Brenner from Iasi -Focasani- Bucharest #romania


Hello Gen-ers,
I am new to the Rom SIG and wondering if there has been a compilation of
records >from Focsani, Iasi or Bucharest that have been translated. I am
specifically looking for BRENNER (Shlomo Meir b. 1839) and LUPESCU or LEPESCU
(Fany b. 1848).
My entire BRENNER family was born and raised in these towns and did not
immigrate until the early 1900's. Every one who came to the U.S. was already
married and most had children by that time. So any records I could find
will help fill in the blanks on my tree.

Thank you for your assistance,
Freya Blitstein Maslov
Morton Grove, IL

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