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Susan Steeble

Annette Bagle wrote:

"Two birth records of siblings born 4 years apart lists their
birthplace as Itzkany Bahnhof i.e the train station. Is this
possible? If it was one, I might have accepted a precipitous birth
but two seems strange - any ideas?"

In the U.S., as railroads were constructed, they sometimes needed new
locations for loading or unloading cargo in rural areas. Small towns,
with names like "Junction" (where two rail lines intersected) or
"Depot" (where freight was handled) grew up around them.

Perhaps a similar phenomenon created a new village around the station
in Bucovina. (I have no specific knowledge of what was done in that

Susan Steeble
Baltimore, MD

Researching: FREEDHAND/FRIEDHAND/FRIEDGANT (Bershad, Ukraine > NY and CT,
Romania, France); KESSELMAN (Chorna/Krasny Okna, Ukraine > NY); KAHAN (Grodno

NY); STUCHINSKY (Yurburg and Taurage [now Lithuania]); SLUTSKY/SLOTE (Zolotonosha, Ukraine > NY); BODNAR (Mihaileni, Romania > Israel); GELBER and SCHECHTER (Bucecea, Tirgu Neamt, and Iasi, Romania > Israel

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