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I've had an unexpected trip to Bucharest. I've used a fraction of the
time to visit the Bucharest branch of the National archives to look
for lost relatives (for that one needs weeks not hours) and also to
get an impression of what is available there.
Here's a short report - >from my memory, so if I'm not 100% accurate,
you'll have to forgive me :-).
1. Beware of the steps. If you have problem with steps, that's not the
place for you. There are broken steps to the building. There are steps
from the building entrance to the study room.
2. As soon as the guy in charge of the study room was found, I was
accepted inside the study room and given a permit.
3. The archives have stuff up to 1913.
4. One can order 5 registers per day - for the next bussiness day.
There's some tedious paperwork to make - but the guy in charge have
brought me immediately what I've asked (indexes).
5. The indexes are called opise. There are special registers for these
opise. Up to 1895 - the opise list the names following the record
number. After that, they are alphabetical. Up to 1895 there are no
opise for the death registers.
6. The marriage opise registers (I've looked for the years 1885-1897)
hold 2-3 years each. I don't know about births - since there are much
more births, could be even a register per year.
7. There are roughly 1000 - 1500 marriages per year. Of course, most
aren't Jewish. Took me some 30 minutes to quickly glance for the
Jewish marriages for one year. After two hours, I've decided that I've
had enough...
8. One is allowed to take photos for a 7 RON tax per day. But - you
need to pay at the post office or a bank.
9. The good news - the person in charge of the study room told me they
intend to digitize the indexes and make them public. He thinks it will
be finished in a year plus. He thinks they would like to digitize all
records. No guarantee about that or when it will happen.
10. The bad news - as you might understand, it's quite cumbersome to
research your Bucharest ancestors. It simply takes a long time to find


Sorin Goldenberg


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