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There were no naturalization/immigration papers.
His marriage and death certificate MAY show his place of origin but it is
not a given they are accurate. Before ca 1900 a narrative form was used
for vital records (no fix entries) so sometimes great information may be

Luc Radu
Great Neck NY

On 7/12/16, 9:43 AM, "Romania SIG on behalf of Karen Isabel Sanders" <> wrote:

Hello Genners,

I am wondering where I might find certain information pertaining to
my great grandfather and his father. They immigrated to Romania
sometime in the 1850's (according to a cousin.) My grandmother's
birth certificate, >from Braila, says her father was >from the
"Austro-Hungarian" area. The surname appears to be unique. One
aunt had told me that my grandfather spelled his name differently
from everyone else.

So my question is, did Romanians have naturalization papers,
immigration papers, etc. Would my grandfathers' death certificate
(d. 1921) or marriage record have his exact place of birth and original

Are here any documents in Romania that would have this kind of

I'd appreciate any information or direction in where to research.

Karen I Sanders
West Haven, CT

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