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Rosanne Leeson

Dear fellow Rom-SIGgers,

The time is drawing still closer for the 20216 IAJGS Conference in
Seattle, and we are still hoping to hear >from you as to your plans to

Here are some events to consider:
- Come by our SIG table at the Share Fair on Sunday, 1-5:30pm, to get
acquainted, or just to say "Hello", and chat.

- Attend the the Rom-SIG meeting on Monday 10:30-11:45 am. We have
lots to discuss, and plans to make! Do let us hear >from you, positive
or negative, so that we have some idea of how to plan!

- Attend the Sephardic genealogy and history of Romania, Monday at
1:30 pm. A new view of Jewish history in Romania!

- Attend the special talk by Jeffrey Gorney, Wednesday >from 8-8:25
pm. He will have a fascinating tale to tell of his visits to Romania ,
past and present!

If there is a demand, while we have no official SIG luncheon planned, we
could possibly arrange an informal luncheon with those who would like to
get together.

Looking forward to hearing >from many of our 2400 members! Let's get
back on a roll - as Bob Wascou would have said!

Rosanne Leeson

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