Romania SIG #Romania Re: 1820 Iasi Census #romania

Rosanne Leeson

In response to a request for further information re the 1820 Iasi
Census, here is what is found on the KehilahLinks Iasi Site:

"Census - 1803-1851 - Jews of Iasi - Language: Old Cyrillic - Iasi
Archives; catagrati; difficult to read, no supplemental finding aids
(indexes), 1808 is published in Volume one of the collection "Documente
istorice privitoare la orasul Iasi" (Historical documents concerning the
town of Iasi), edited by Ioan Caprosu and Mihai-Razvan Ungureanu (Iasi,

This is the description of what these records are, and it clearly shows that
the information is scant by our definition of a census. No family
information is included, only the name of male is shown, and there are
no family names. And it is in Old Romanian Cyrillic.

Rosanne Leeson
Palo Alto, CA USA

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