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G Sles

Greetings all,

How can I get details, such as family member's names, for this entry in the
JewishGen Romanian database? This is all that's in the index record--no source or

Jews Killed in Dubossary, Moldova / Transnistria
LEYBOVICH, Ya. 6 people

My most recent effort to find the family of Yosef David and Fanny LEIBOVICI
(LEIBOWITZ) was at IAJGS Seattle in August. The USHMM representative couldn't
find any such family in the databases. She suggested the family may have been
taken to Transnistria, which she said had few records.

I have a family photo >from Romania dated 1920 that I've posted previously in
ViewMate. It's in the Archived photos as VM record # 22812. (Disregard the ?? at
the end of the surname; it appears to be a stylistic flourish by whoever wrote the
surname in the note on the back of the picture card.)

Since ViewMate is in the public domain, the photo can be found on the Internet via
public search engines, including google, by searching for Yosef David LEIBOVICI .

Please respond privately, unless the information can be helpful to others seeking
details >from this database. Thank you.

Gay Slesinger

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