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I would like to announce the completion of a new major acquisition
project of the Botosani research group.
Our team has acquired the available civil state records >from the
earliest times to 1914 of the three major cities in the Neamtz county
of Romania - Piatra Neamtz, Roman and Targu Neamtz. About 90 thousands
photos of records have been acquired. That is a lot of indexing work
that needs to be done before we will be able to perform research.
Following this acquisition, we hold records >from 7 of the historical
counties of the old Kingdom of Romania: Botosani, Dorohoi, Suceava
(after 1918 Baia), Vaslui, Falciu, Neamtz and Roman. In Botosani we
have the records >from all of the Jewish locations, in the other
counties it is usually the county seat.

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