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Lisa Muskal

Jaakob Dov Muszkal and Devora Jolan Muskal (husband-wife)
Does anyone have more information regarding this family?
I believe that they were members of the Satu Mare community.
While doing research on the Muszkal family in the Holocaust database,
I came across these pictures.

My Father in law survived Nordenhausen and Auschwitz. His name was
Shmuel Aryeh son of Yitzchok Aisik.
He told us that he lived on a farm and had sheep, cows and many fields
before the war.
His Father died due to a bullet wound in WWI
He came to USA sponsored by Muszkal family in Chicago.
He settled in Cleveland Ohio with other Muszkal family.
He had the picture of his "brother" Milach-Elimelech or Tzvi Hirsch Muszkal
He did not look like any of his brothers or sisters.
I am thinking there is another story and that it may be a cousin
When doing research on Shoah database, I found the picture of Jakob
Dov and Devorah Jolan Muszkal.
Milach looks very much like Devora Jolan.
I am hoping to gain more information regarding this family who lived
in Romania at that time.
Thank you.
Lisa Muskal
Cleveland Ohio USA

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