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I don't have any specific information about the family or Records Project. But I'm
from Romania and I see that Petrova is in Transylvania, so it would have been part
of the Austro-Hungarian empire at the time (until WWI). I'm >from Bucharest but my
father's family is >from Cluj, also in Transylvania.

I also live in Livermore and speak Romanian. If i can be of any assistance, feel
free to contact me (MODERATOR: private responses, please).

Monica Friedlander

On Mar 2, 2018, at 12:09 PM, Arnold Koslow <> wrote:

I am new to this list and am a member of the Livermore-Amador Genealogical
Society (of California, USA). I am trying to assist someone with their family
Research. The Family name is APPELBAUM (with alternate spellings such as
Applebaum, Apfelbaum, etc.). The given names are Samuel and Clara both born
per census/naturalization records around 1866/7 in Partoza Austria, a
location I have not been able to find. However I did locate a Petrova,
Romania and was wondering if Petrova could have been part of the Austrian
Empire at the time of the births. Can anyone confirm this possibility?

Samuel and Clara were married around 1888 since the 1910 census there were
married 22 years as of that census year.

If Petrova is their true birth area, per the The Maramaros County Jewish
Records Indexing Project, their birth could be included in Register Book #565
and their marriage in Register Book #1292. If some one, who has access,
could check those records and provide me the results, it would be greatly

Per census and other records they immigrated to the US in 1895 and 1897
respectively but have not yet been able to locate their immigration manifest.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.
Arnie Koslow

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