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Hi all!

I haven't been doing much research lately (Life has a way of intruding
on our hobbies, darn it), but I was checking for a cousin (the other
side of her family), and found 2 ancestors who were born in Keshmer,
Roumania.=EF=BF=BD Does anyone know of this town, and where it is/what it's
called now?

I've checked the JGen Town Finder, and the only results are in Poland,
west of Lublin, not near Roumania at all.

The two individuals were born in Keshmer in 1883 and 1884. The
information is on his Declaration of Intention (1920) and Petition for
Naturalization (1922), and the writing is very clear.
Their passenger list says their last residence was [what looks like]

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Happy Holidays!
Hilary Henkin

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