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John Hoenig

Hi all,

Happy New Year.May your year be filled with exciting discoveries.

I recently searched the US Holocaust Memorial Museum's list of
Holocaust Survivors and Victims and found a booklet with a
questionnaire filled out by a cousin of my cousin. The questionnaire
was for Holocaust survivors in Transylvania and dates >from 1946.
It was administered by:

World Jewish Congress
Romanian Section. The Study Commission
The File of the Jewish Suffering
General Enquiry among the Jews in Romania.Data for the Peace
Conference Questionnaire for Northern Transylvania.

I sent it to a friend,a historian,in Romania and she sent me a
report that analyzed all the responses >from Cluj,Careiand Oradea
(Romanian names; the Hungarian names are Kolozsvar, Nagykaroly
and Nagyvarad). The report is of interest because it gives the
historical context, an explanation of the survey including
translation of the questions, and lists of the respondents,
the victims and the survivors. The questionnaire asks about the
family's status before the war, the deportation, what happened
while deported, the repatriation, and what was lost during the war.

The report is:

Attila, G. and S. Zsuzsa, 2010. The Surviving Jewish Inhabitants of
Cluj, Carei and Oradea. The Survey of the World Jewish Congress in
1946. Working Papers in Romanian Minority Studies, Working Paper Nr.35,
Institutul Pentru Studierea Problemelor Minoritatilor Nationale.
Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Hope this is helpful to some of you.

John Hoenig

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