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Monica Friedlander <monifriedlander@...>

Neither do I mean to stir any controversy. Mine was not intended as a
scholarly comment, only linguistic. No doubt you know far more about the
history of the place, and I appreciate that. My point was that we need to
call it by the real name, which everyone everyone knows it by (Vatra Dornei).
If you google Dorna today, you won't get any hits because Dorna is a hotel,
not a place. Dornei, in Romanian, means "of the Dorna." You can't simply
invert the two words without changing the entire meaning in the Romanian
language. "Dorna Watra" means nothing in Romanian, nor in any language. It's a
German transliteration of a Romanian name. The Romanian language doesn't even
include the letter W. The word "vatra" (not watra) means hearth, or fireplace.
So in Romanian the name means "hearth of the Dorna." In German it means
nothing. To be clear, I have zero scholarly credentials. But I grew up in
Bucharest and Romanian is my native language. (I also speak German.)

Monica Friedlander

On Apr 3, 2019, at 5:49 AM, paul David guth pdguth@... <rom-sig@...> wrote:

Not wanting to start a controversy, I must point out that Vatra Dornei
is not the name used in the records and histories of the town.
The Austrian name was Dorna-Watra, and I cite the Bukovina birth
records in the JewishGen databases as well as Scholarly works,
such as "History of the Jews in the Bukovina" edited Dr. Hugo Gold
and written by Prof. Dr. H. Sternberg.

Paul Guth

On Apr 3, 2019, Monica Friedlander wrote:

Hope you don't mind me chiming in, but the town is Vatra Dornei.
The river is Dorna, but the city is Vatra Dornei ("of the Dorna").
It might create confusion in searches.

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