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Alan Greenberg

I have posted two Bessarabian birth records with annotations in, I
think, Romanian.

The first
( is
the 1899 birth of Elisha Geisman with a notation that seems to date
to 1938. I would like to know what the notations says.

The second
( is
the 1877 birth record of Bayla Fuksman. Bayla married Volco Geisman
in 1895. The English translation of the record includes what I
presume to be the translation. Typically a notation on a birth record
would be about the marriage or death of the person. In this case the
provided translation SEEMS to be reporting the death of Bayla's
husband. Or perhaps it is recording her marriage and then her death.
I found a 1964 tombstone that SEEMS to be Bayla's.

So the question is whether this notation is reporting Bayla's death,
or Volco's?

Thanks for any help,

Alan Greenberg, Montreal

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