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Nolan Altman is pleased to announce the completion of its most recent
update to the JewishGen Holocaust Database. The database can be accessed
directly at The database now
includes more than 2.75 million records >from approximately 200 component

All component databases (individual data sets) have a project introduction.
The introduction gives you further information about the historical
background of the data, location of the original source document, fields
used in the database, translation aides when applicable and acknowledgments
to those that helped with data entry, validation and online preparation of
the data set.

A listing of each of the component databases can be found by scrolling down
the main search page. All data can be searched in one database-wide search
from the Holocaust Database home page.
The database continues to grow, thanks in large part to partnerships with
other organizations and receiving interesting original research by JewishGen
users and academicians. We believe JewishGen is an ideal location for the
preservation and "publishing" of these pieces.

Selected new additions include:

Czudec, Poland - Residents Lists, Birth and Death Records: An index
of 1,215 Jewish residents >from 1940-1942, and 14 birth and death records.
Rzeszow, Poland - Registration, ID Cards, and Marriage Certificates:
101 Registration and ID cards >from 1919-1942, and 134 Marriage records from
Nowy Sacz, Poland - Forced Labor and Punishment Book Listings: An
index of 1,345 Jews forced to report for work in the Stadtische Werkstatten
(Municipal Workshops) in 1942, and an index of 1,883 Jews who received
punishments for various alleged offenses between January 1940 and September
Mielec, Poland - Jewish Residents: 2,320 inhabitants of Mielec,
Poland, dated August 15, 1940.
Lublin, Poland - Seized Property Cards: 5,081 records of confiscated
Jewish property in the Lublin area.
Szeged, Hungary - Deportations and Survivors: Survivors of the three
transports that liquidated the town and those that survived after the war.
More than 7,000 records.
Medzilaborce, Slovakia - Census List: Names of family members taken
from the folder named 'Verzeichniss der Juden in Medzilaborce' found at
Jewish Community office in Kosice.
Bekescsaba, Hungary - Victims: Holocaust victims >from two different
death registers 1941 - 1945.
Gross Rosen Camp Transport Records: Transport list of Jews
transported to Gross Rosen >from south Belgium and northern France.
Nisko, Poland - Transport Lists: Jews >from Czechoslovakia and
Austria, sent >from Vienna in October 1939 to a rural marshy area near Nisko,
where they were to establish a camp.
Reichsvereinigung - Update. The collection now includes more than
23,000 records of German Jews >from cards where the family name begins with
the letters A-R.
Kovno Cemetery File - Update. Updated and corrected listings from
the Viliampole Chevra Kadisha register for those who died in the Kovno
Ghetto between 18 August 1941 and 31 December 1943
Hachshara in Havelberg - 124 members of this Zionist youth
organization in Havelberg, Saxony-Anhalt.
German Mischlingen in Nazi Germany: Sitzensdorf: 203 mixed-race
forced laborers at Sitzendorf concentration camp in Thuringia.
Wallenberg Passport Records - Update: Updated file containing 5,642
Hungarian Jews who received a protective document >from the Swedish embassy.
Parschnitz Forced Labor Transport: 910 female prisoners at
Parschnitz forced-labor camp, October 1944.
Leova Mayoral Election List: 1,929 citizens of Leova, Moldova
registered to vote in the 1937 election for mayor.

To see descriptions of all the new and pre-existing component databases,
please visit:

We would also like to extend our thanks to all of the volunteers who have
assisted in making this data available to you. Their names are listed in
the individual project introductions.

If you are interested in assisting data entry or have a database at you
think would be appropriate for the JewishGen Holocaust Database, please
contact me directly at NAltman@...

Nolan Altman
JewishGen VP for Data Acquisition
JewishGen Holocaust Database - Coordinator
May 2019

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