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David Lewin

I am hoping someone on this SIG may recognize this family - or may
have some idea how I can solve this enigma

Can you please help and guide me?

My information is exceedingly sparse. It comes >from a document in
Hebrew - so the names here are transliterated as best as I was able
to guess. For example: BRAND which I use here may well have been
BEREND ( no vowels in Hebrew ! ).

I am hoping to locate Miriam BRAND born 11 Dec 1945 in Romania - I do
not know the name of the actual town.

Miriam is the daughter of Stefan BRAND (b. 8 Apr 1908) and Bertha
(b.28 Jul 1908)
Stefan was the son of Samuel BRAND and Bertha was the daughter of a
Salomon - family name unknown.

The family arrived in Israel in March 1950 and seems to have left
Israel again in Nov. 1974 - destination unknown.

In Israel they lived in Bat-Yam

It is possible - but I do not know this for certain - that there is a
family relationship between this BRAND family group and a woman named

Would you have any knowledge of this family or can you guide us where
else I could ask?

Thank you

David Lewin

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