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Nancy Siegel is proud to announce its JewishGen Future Scholars Fellowship.

This immersive program, created in partnership with The Matzevah
Foundation, Inc., will provide an experiential opportunity for younger
audiences to appreciate the application and impact JewishGen, and
Jewish genealogy can have in everyday life.

Specifically, it will focus on the role of Jewish cemeteries today in
preserving the memory and legacy of former Jewish communities. Our six
highly qualified Fellows will learn about symbols on tombstones, the
state of Jewish cemeteries in Poland after Holocaust, efforts to
preserve them, and what lessons can be gleaned to inform our own life
choices today.

Throughout the 10-day experience, >from June 12-June 20, Fellows will
have an opportunity to visit many Jewish heritage sites including
Warsaw and Lublin, spend an inspirational Shabbat in Krakow, and visit
Auschwitz/Birkenau. The group will then spend time in Krzepice,
Poland, where they will participate in the clean-up and preservation
of the Jewish cemetery in partnership with the local high school.
(Krzepice is about 25 kilometers west of Czestochowa.)

The trip will be led by highly experienced staff (including Avraham
Groll, Dan Oren, and Steven D. Reece), and participants will have an
opportunity to learn >from rabbis, scholars, dignitaries, and community
leaders, who will offer first-hand insights regarding the imperative
(and challenges) of cleaning-up cemeteries in accordance with Jewish
law. They will address how local Polish communities view Jewish
cemeteries in their towns, the need to preserve Jewish memory, and

Upon returning home, each Fellow will write an essay reflecting on his
or her experience. These essays will be made available on the
JewishGen website.

Please be sure to follow our JewishGen Fellows, and check our Facebook
page often for profiles of the Fellows, ongoing updates, photos,
live-streams, and more!

Nancy Siegel
Communications Coordinator

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