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1. Aizic is a common Ashkenazi given name (a version of Itskhok). In
Moldova/Romania it may have become a surname.
2. In the 1899 census there were 173 Jews out of 4461 in Nicoresti. Most
likely it was a larger village in the then, Tecuci county. Today is in the
Galati county. Why would be odd they spoke Yiddish? Doubtful there were
Sephardic Jews in that area of Romania, at least not as a community.
4. The death certificate is not public( 100 year rule). The certificate
should be with the civil office of the Nicoresti town hall. The link has a
phone number and the e-mail.

Luc Radu
Great Neck, NY

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My grandfather, Josif AIZIC, was born in Nicoresti, in 1923. I am looking
for any information regarding:

1) The origins of the surname AIZIC. Could it be a Sephardic Jewish
2) the Jewish community in Nicoresti - I wasn't able to find anything
online. >from the Romanian census of 1930 I found out that there were 52
living in Nicoresti in 1930, out of which only 38 spoke Yiddish, which I
found odd. Is it possible that there were Sephardic Jews in the community?
3) Anyone with the same surname originally >from Nicoresti. I have no
of any uncles/aunties or cousins my grandfather had.
4) How do I go about obtaining death records >from Nicoresti? I know that
grandfather's father, Haim, passed away whilst the family lived there.

Many thanks,
Yael Corlick

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