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Nancy Siegel

What do old Jewish New Year's postcards >from Pinsk, school records
from Dubno dated 1846, and a young girl >from Rimalov standing alone on
a Philadelphia dock in 1904 have in common? They are the inspirations
for three moving success stories recently published to our website.

You can access these accounts >from the "About Us" button on the
website or by following this link:

Postcards >from Pinsk:
A ViewMate Success Story
By Linda Ewall Krocker

Through a Ukrainian Brick Wall
By Shirley Ginzburg

What if it Hadn't Happened This Way?
My Grandmother's Arrival in America
By Marilyn Goldenberg Gelber

Thank you to the authors who shared their stories with us, and to our
Success! Stories Webmaster and Associate Editor, Richard Baum. We
encourage you to submit your own success stories to us at:
success@... .

Nancy Siegel (San Francisco, CA, USA)
Editor, JewishGen's Success! Stories

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