Romania SIG #Romania Announcement of Dej/Des records #romania

Vivian Kahn

I am pleased to announce that the Hungarian research group is going to acquire
and transcribe 19 books of civil records >from Dej in Cluj county Romania,
formerly Des, Szolnok Doboka, Hungary. The birth, marriage, and death records
cover the time period >from October 1895, when Hungary began civil registration,
to 1916-1917 as follows:

Births: 1895-1916
Marriages: 1895-1917
Deaths: 1895-1916

Des was the main city in Szolnok-Doboka megye. Jews were prohibited >from
living in the city until 1834. After the ban was lifted, the Jewish population
increased >from about three in 1838 to 122 in 1857. Immigrants >from Galicia
comprised the majority of the Jewish community. By 1877, there were 560 Jewish
residents. Menachem Mendel Paneth, son of Yehezkel Paneth, the chief rabbi of
Transylvania, became the first rabbi in 1862. The first synagogue was founded
in 1864, and a new one was built in 1909 when the old synagogue was given to
the town’s 250 Hasidic families.

For more information see the article by Gyémánt, Ladislau >from the YIVO
Encyclopedia of Jews in Eastern Europe at
<> and >from The Museum of the
Jewish People at Beit Hatfutsot at <

We are now seeking donations for this new project. All donors who contribute
$50 or more will be able to access the newly translated spreadsheets as soon as
they have been proofed and before they are uploaded to the Jewishgen website.
Donations are tax deductible and can be made to the Hungarian SIG Transylvania
Records project at:

After you make a donation, please send your electronic receipt to Dena Whitman,
the project coordinator, at <denawhit@...> so she can add your name to
the list of those eligible to receive access to the spreadsheets.

Vivian Kahn, Oakland, California
JewishGen Hungarian Research Director

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