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Sam Wolff

After a significant delay, I report that the Craiova Jewish Cemetery
registry will be submitted to JOWBR within a month or so. It consists
of 2449 names. Photographs will be added at a later stage.
I do have some questions, however, based on what is written in the
registry. Can anybody tell me what E.B. signifies? Under personal
names, why is it that often there is a female name AND a male name
(like Aron Mathilda, for example). Maybe the first name represents the
deceased and the second the spouse's name? Also related to personal
name, what is the significance of the letter that often precedes the
name, like B. Reina, I. Sura, A. Iacob, M. Debora, E. Rebeca, D.
Avram? Feel free to respond off-list.
With thanks and best wishes for the New Year. G'mar hatima tova!
Sam Wolff

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