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Mazal tov (lycka till !) on the launching of the new ScandinaviaSIG. I
think it is a great development ( and if my previous suggestions in
this direction contributed somehow to this development, I'm very glad).
I'll do my best to spread the word around among my Finnish Jewish
friends to get them to take an active part in the mailing list.

One small problem I noticed: the link to the Helsinki Cemetery data (by
Eric Adler) does not seem to work. The data seems still to be available
at , so apparently it's just
a question of a "missing link". The Turku cemetery data link is OK.

BTW, I'm in contact with Rabbi Edelman >from Helsinki, and I'm trying to
convince him (and the community) to carry out a similar project on the
old (19th century) Jewish cemetery in Helsinki. This would involve an
urgent rescue and restoration operation, as well as recording, since the
cemetery is in a pretty bad shape, and many of the tombstones have
sunken into the soft ground or are completely overgrown with vegetation
or otherwise unreadable.

Again, congratulations on the "renewed" SIG !

Joel Blankett
Jerusalem, Israel

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