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Allan Falk <salfalk@...>

Dear Melissa,
I can inform you, that a book was written about your family, "Sl=E6gten
Wulff fra Fredericia og Randers" 1953, containing also information about
Wulff Joseph Wulff, assistent under the danish government on the
Guinea-cost. The book contains information of more than 1500 persons!

If you can adopt GEDCOM-files I can send you all the information I have
written down >from the book, or parts of it, as you prefer.=20

I would on my part be happy, if you could give me more information of
Wulff Joseph Wulffs descendants.

Looking forward to hearing >from you and with best regards

Allan Falk

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Fra: Melissa Mensah []=20
Sendt: 15. november 2002 11:12
Til: Scandinavia
Emne: [scandinavia] Looking for Descendents of Wulff Joseph Wulff and

My name is Melissa. My father's name was Frantz Wulff-Tagoe. He was the
descendant of a Danish Jewish Civil Servant named Wulff Joseph Carl
WULFF, who settled in the Danish Colony, the Gold Coast, West Africa in
the mid-1800's.

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