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Tom Br√łndsted <tom@...>

Hello Irene.

Brandon - Denmark - The Netherlands ... these words trigger me.
I have a MONIES/MONIS family coming to Copenhagen 1806 >from
The Netherlands. On the Dutch side there is a Lea BRANDON who
may be related to some Brandons already in Copenhagen in the
1790'ies (belonging to the Portuguese Community).
I have not found your Philip BRANDON.
As regards my problem, take a look at:

best regards
Tom Br√łndsted

Irene Levita wrote:

I am new with Scandinavian gen. I have been looking for PHILIP BRANDON,
my great-great-grandfather,born before 1832. (1832 was the year his son
was born) I have reason to believe that he may have lived either in
Altona, or Hamburg. He later emigrated to Amsterdam, where my
greatgrandfather was born.

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