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Dear Henry,

On Monday, November 18, 2002, at 10:00 PM, Henry Sinai wrote:
Subject: Access to family records in Copenhagen
From: Henry Sinai <>
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2002 16:59:12 +0200

I am researching my family name SINAI and came across the following
entry >from the International Genealogical Index of Family Search:
Marriage: 18 APR 1811 Trinitatis, Kobenhavn, Kobenhavn, Denmark

This index is hard to use but you can usually find out where the
information came >from by doing the following:

When you go into most any entry there is a button that you can
choose called Source. If you click on Source for your record,
you will be taken the the Family History Library Catalogue and
it shows you a microfilm call number where your information was
taken from.

In the case of your information it is the following record:

Title: Kirkeb=F8ger, 1660-1907
Authors: Den Danske Folkekirke. K=F8benhavn Trinitatis sogn
(Main Author)
Notes: Mikrofilmet fra manuskript i Landsarkivet for Sj=E6lland,
Trinitatis kirke var indtil 1660 studenternes sognekirke, og fra
1660=20 til 1683 virkede den som kirke for den menighed, der var
bestemt for aldrig fuldf=F8rte Skt. Anna Rotunda. Derefter blev
den almindelig sognekirke, hvis distrikt fastlagdes i h.t. frd.
af 2. marts 1687. I 1687 en del af Vor Frue kirke var tilagt.
I 1805 udvidedes sognet med en del af det nedlagte Skt. Nikolaj
sogn. I 1861 udskiltes dele af sognet til det nyoprettede Skt.
Johannes sogn, og 1877 regularedes gr=E6nsen mellem Trinitatis
og Skt. Johannes sogne. I 1877 udskiltes den nordlige del af
sognet til det nyoprettede Skt. Pauls sogn.
Contains church records >from Trinitatis parish in Copenhagen
city. In 1687 part of Vor Frue parish was added to Trinitatis
parish and in 1805 it received a portion of the disbanded Skt.
Nikolaj parish. Skt. Johannes parish was separated in 1861 and
Skt. Pauls parish in 1877"

You can also enter click on the batch entry and then press search
and it will show you all records >from this same source that have
been entered into the database. It looks like yours is >from the
Marriage Records of this Parish. I have had some success using
this information to get the microfilm number and then getting
copies of the information myself by looking at the microfilm


Tracy Zappala, Eugene, OR

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