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Elsebeth Paikin

At 18:25 13-02-2005, Logan Kleinwaks wrote:
... records of the Jewish community of Copenhagen were given to
the Danish National Archive in 1983. ...
I am especially interested in records concerning rabbis in the
period 1840-1850, ... snip...
The chief rabbi in Copenhagen 188-1891 was Abraham Wolff.
If you write what information you want precisely, I might be able
to help you.
The archives of the chief rabbi is extensive with all sorts of
documents (vital records, letters, articles, sermons etc. etc.)

records concerning Jewish immigrants to Copenhagen during this time,
There are some records concerning Jewish immigrants to Copenhagen,
however there was no official registration of immigrants for a very
long period, so it is not easy to research. I have a database based
on the ledgers for aid to "Russian" immigrants, so if there are some
specific names you are looking for I can look them up.

You can find naturalizations, some censuses and passenger lists
on the website of the Danish Demographic Database:

and records concerning links to the Jewish community of Danzig.
I have not come accross any such records. There might be mention of
Jews >from Danzig somewhere in other records, but they are not listed

The National Archives have an index to holdings of records of
the Jewish Community:
"Det Mosaiske Troessamfund i K=F8benhavn med nedlagte troessamfund
i provinsen - en arkivregistratur"
You can buy it >from the National Archives.
It contains a short history of the Jewish Community and explanation
of the holdings in the National Archives, which can be found at the
Scandinavia SIG's website:

But as mentioned above - write and tell us what you want to know, then
maybe some of us can help you.

Best regards

Elsebeth Paikin, Copenhagen, Denmark
Coordinator & webmaster of JewishGen's SCANDINAVIA SIG

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