Polish and Galitizianer Jews Who Settled in Providence, RI in the Late 1800s #galicia

Linda Shefler

According to a story told to me many years ago by an elderly
relative, my gg grandfather Haim Naftali (Henry) ROSENBLATT was
responsible for bringing many of the first Chassidic Jews to
Providence, RI. >from an historical perspective I would be curious
to find out who some of these families might have been and if they
were actually relatives of Henry's.

Henry initially settled in Pittsburgh, PA in 1871 where his brother
had settled several years earlier. Sometime between 1883-1885 he
moved to Providence.

In 1889 Henry's first wife died and he went back to Europe for a new
wife. His second wife died in 1893 and he went back to Europe again
for another new wife. According to what I was told, the women in
America weren't religious enough for him.

Henry also had a problem with the merchants in Providence. As I
understand it, none of them were up to his standards of kosher, so
on his trips back to Europe, he encouraged various merchants to
immigrate to Providence. According to my relative, when she was
young her mother would point out the butcher shop and say;
"Grandfather Henry brought that family to America to be his butcher".
The same was true with many other merchants.

I did manage to find one manifest for Yekhiel (Chil) GLICKSTEIN who
immigrated in 1901 and listed his destination as his cousin Henry
ROSENBLATT in Providence. Yekhiel was >from Olkusz, the town of
Henry's mother's family.

I would be interested in hearing >from others whose families were
Chassidic and settled in Providence anytime >from the mid 1880s until
the early turn-of-the-century. I am not exactly sure what towns they
would have been from; some possibilities include: Olkusz, Checiny,
Bedzin, Sosnowiec, Sobkow, Czestochowa and vicinity.

Thanks for your time.

Linda Silverman Shefler
Formerly of Cary, NC
Presently of Moshav Mishmeret

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